Jigsaw AW16

Jigsaw AW16Don’t get me wrong I love summer! White jeans, sandals and a good pair of sunglasses to break me out of the style rut that is winter (goodbye black skinnies), yet after viewing the Jigsaw Autumn/Winter 16 collection all I want to do is throw on a nice big overcoat and enshroud myself in a buttery soft oatmeal knit! Continue reading


The New White

The New Whites

What better way to cleanse your winter wardrobe and redefine your style for spring, than to take a break from harsh colours and busy prints and take it back to the basics with the purest of colours – white. Wearing white anytime other than summer seems to strike fear at the core of most people, maybe it’s the idea that the only way to keep it clean, is to basically stay inside, however I’ve always loved to wear pale colours in the colder months as it’s a time when everyone else sinks into shades of black. Here’s how I style top-to-toe white.. Continue reading

How to Shop the January Sales

How to Shop the January SalesWhether you like it or not, the time will soon come when the January sales will hit you harder, than the woman that actually tried to hit you at last years January sales (you needed those gloves more than her) and you’ll have to face the horror of searching through the racks of clothes, to find even the slightest hint of a good bargain and then you get home and realise that you were blinded by the red ‘sale’ sign and it’s just…well…ugly. Here’s how to do it.. Continue reading

Gift Guide – The Modern Gent

Gents Gift Guide

Buying for a man at any time of the year can be a tricky thing to master, let alone at Christmas – they either have everything, they have nothing or even worse, they have most things and you have to spend half of the year trying to trick them into telling you what they don’t have; not exactly festive!

However there will (hopefully) always be one essential that the modern gent is missing, so for my gift guide this year I’m looking to that dapper gent that likes the best of the best and the essentials he needs in everyday life – they’re fail safe luxury – the only thing to figure out is which one to buy him…or all of them if you’re feeling extra (extra) generous! Continue reading

Winter Neutrals

Walton & Wang

Trans-seasonal dressing can be difficult – you lived the whole summer in a pair of leather gladiator sandals, a panama hat and little else and then winter in London hits you like a tonne of freezing cold bricks and you suddenly have to re-evaluate your wardrobe! Personally I sink into dark colours during winter, and shades of black and navy become a uniform for me – like Stefano Pilati I think ‘It’s my mood’ – but this year I wanted to experiment more with lighter colours during the festive period! Continue reading