How to Choose a Spring Fragrance

Choosing a Spring FragranceA new fragrance is the one of the best ways to start a new season; we’ll call it the springtime effect – the frost is slowly thawing away, ones summer getaways are booked and the copious amounts of beauty products make way for something light and refreshing; leaving us wanting a new scent that welcomes the new season with open, (tanned) arms.. Continue reading


Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin SavioursHaving a reliable skin care routine year round is as rare as an empty Saturday in Selfridges, which pretty much means it’s not a thing. However it gets to this time of year and your skin begins to starve for moisture, the light gel that you used throughout the winter is about as useful as the frosty air and your skin desires nothing than to be bathed in rich (and expensive) creams 24 hours a day, hardly ideal.

In my last post I wrote about the different ways you can help your skin, whether that being your change in products or simply using warm water for your face rather than scolding hot; little things that can make a big difference for your winter skin. Moving forward I’m going to look at some of my winter skin saviours – products that work for me and help to retain my skins moisture through the harshest conditions.

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Renewing Winter Skin

Renewing Winter SkinLike most people I look forward to Christmas – what I don’t look forward to, is how my skin likes to take on the texture as a (distressed) leather bag, not ideal. The slightest mention of the cold and my skin becomes dry and unmanageable and my skincare regime has to be altered to accommodate for the inclement weather that will no doubt linger until June. Here’s some things that I change or incorporate into my routine at this time of year to keep my skin in top condition. Continue reading

Time For Bed


With temperatures on the decline and darkness getting earlier and earlier in the day – it’s that time of year when all I want to do is curl up in bed and have a good nights rest.

The virtues of a good nights sleep are well know for many reasons, your skin, your memory and just your general wellbeing – and with my own sleep patterns becoming more and more interrupted, I decided to share with you some ways to help you have a more peaceful nights sleep.  Continue reading

My Winter Fragrance – Tom Ford


As the temperature slowly declines and you begin to hibernate into a plush combination of cashmere roll necks and fur lined coats; your style changes from linens and loafers to tweed and chelsea boots, theres one extra thing to consider – what’s the perfect fragrance to accompany that new Tom Ford knit on a chilly winters day?

Maybe you’re thinking Mediterranean hesperidic notes, warm woody tones or a zesty fragrance with a hint of basil that transports you from here to somewhere just a little bit warmer – here is my fragrance for this fall and why you need a scent that’s going to define your winter style and perfectly pull together that heavy knit and silk scarf. Continue reading


New purchase alert. Creme De La Mer.
I’ve been wanting to try out Creme De La Mer for a while now. So after a long session at the beauty counter in Harvey Nichols and some extensive online research, I finally caved in and purchased some of their products. I got the Cleansing Oil, the Moisturising Cream and the Illuminating Eye Gel. I’ve been using them for a few days now and my skin already feels fantastic   so can’t wait to carry on using them.

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