How to Choose a Spring Fragrance

Choosing a Spring FragranceA new fragrance is the one of the best ways to start a new season; we’ll call it the springtime effect – the frost is slowly thawing away, ones summer getaways are booked and the copious amounts of beauty products make way for something light and refreshing; leaving us wanting a new scent that welcomes the new season with open, (tanned) arms..

The question is what fragrance is the right one for you? Do you want something musky, with undertones of sandalwood, perfect to accompany your new Prada leather jacket? Or something crisp and airy that will sit just as well with your summertime linens as it will with winter whites. Choosing a personal scent should be quite simple but upon entering a department store, most of us are taken aback not just by the sheer mass, but also the hundreds of brands ,each stocking at least 2 or 3 different fragrances, making it impossible to make your mind up. In response to this, I’ve curated a few little handy tips that you should consider when choosing your next aftershave or perfume – don’t think of them as a guide, just hints on what you should be doing to make sure you get the most out of your next hunt or the perfect scent.Choosing a Spring FragranceLocation, location, location – This might sound strange, because you can pretty much buy fragrances from anywhere these days, making it harder to choose something quality, that you will also actually like. When you go shopping for a fresh scent, try going to a store you trust, somewhere that might have a smaller, more curated department that will only stock the best of what’s out there. Sure, they’ll stock certain fragrances that every other store does too, but they’ll also hold more obscure brands that focus on using the best ingredients and the most interesting blends – you might not have heard of the brands but you’ll come away with a personalised scent that matches you and that no-one else will have.

All you’ve got to do is ask – When visiting your local counter, have in mind the fragrance that is your go-to when you’re in need of something quick. We all have that one scent that makes us feel a little bit better when we smell it throughout the day. This way, if you’re stuck, or just overwhelmed with what to buy next, the sales assistant can steer you towards things that have similar notes, making things a little bit easier.

Be selective – Choose  six of the scents to smell and no more – your nose can become overwhelmed by the powerful notes after six and you might end up choosing one that you don’t like so much as you did the first time.Choosing a Spring FragranceTry it on your skin – When we smell a fragrance we only tend to smell the top notes, they’re the lightest parts of the liquid that evaporate the quickest, therefore making it the thing we smell first and judge our initial opinion of a fragrance on. However the base and the heart notes make up the majority of the fragrance and the part that you’ll smell after a few hours of wear. So try the fragrance on your forearm and let it linger for a few hours to see how it sits on your skin. The ‘dry-down’ process where the liquid sinks into your skin after around 30 minutes is when you’ll start to notice the more heavy base notes.

With all of these things in mind, I went shopping and decided that my new fragrance for spring will be Neroli Portofino Private Blend Eau De Parfum by Tom Ford – it’s inspired by the riviera town of Portofino, which is known for its landscapes and glamorous locations . It’s sweet top notes include Italian Bergamot, Winter Yellow Mandarin and Sicilian Lemon, making it airy and uplifting, perfect for the freshness of spring time. Once applied to the skin, it leaves the scent of Tunisian Neroli, Orange Flower and Amber – It’s the perfect choice after the heavy scents that dominated winter, and the turquoise bottle brings spring into your home a little bit earlier.

If you’ve tried and test the Tom Ford fragrance and you wanted an alternative, I’ve selected a few different scents that would be great options for a change in the spring.

Choosing A Spring Fragrance Choosing A Spring Fragrance Choosing A Spring FragranceChoosing A Spring Fragrance

Eau De Cologne, Les Exclusifs De Chanel – With top notes of tart, sweet citrus and hard base notes, this scent is a beautiful alternative for something that is wonderfully airy and light – all you need to accompany it is a holiday to the french riviera.

Mister Marvellous Eau De Cologne by Byredo – With mandarin leaves, bamboo, black amber and white cedar wood among its notes, this scent aspires to be intriguingly different to others alike; it’s different and special.

Neroli 36 by Le Labo – Each of the Le Labo scents is made up in house by hand and you can even get the bottle personalised with a name. It’s main ingredient is Neroli, or Orange Blossom and with heart notes of mandarin, rose and jasmine, it’s warm and fresh, definitely a front runner for a summer scent.

Neroli Cologne Spray by Czech & Speake – Blossoms and citrus are the main notes in this fragrance – from orange to ylang ylang, it’s essential on a warm day.




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