The New White

The New Whites

What better way to cleanse your winter wardrobe and redefine your style for spring, than to take a break from harsh colours and busy prints and take it back to the basics with the purest of colours – white. Wearing white anytime other than summer seems to strike fear at the core of most people, maybe it’s the idea that the only way to keep it clean, is to basically stay inside, however I’ve always loved to wear pale colours in the colder months as it’s a time when everyone else sinks into shades of black. Here’s how I style top-to-toe white..

Although I do like darker shades and I think there is nothing more chic than a look of dark hues, a wardrobe white-out can be hugely refreshing and help you to analyse different areas of your looks, including fabric and cuts – it’s also a great base for stand out accessories.

One think to think about is the sort of white look you’re going for – will you go for clean lines in sharp structured fabrics or more relaxed soft wools in pale shades of eggshell? Will your look be top-to-toe with white accessories thrown in (for the brave), or instead will you choose one standout piece such as a soft off-white mohair overcoat? When thinking about these things there are a few little things to consider –

Firstly, (and this may sound stupid), think about your life. If you’re a person who is so clumsy that you can’t physically hold anything without it falling down you or anyone within a 50 metre radios of you (in which case stay away from me, please and thank you) then maybe all white isn’t the best option for you. It’s also important to think where you’re going – an afternoon of shopping and lunch if perfectly fine for such a look but maybe revaluate such newfangled fashions when it’s either raining, or you’re going to a red wine tasting..

Then it’s important to think about your personal style – my style revolves around classic shapes, with minimal detailing, however what I do look towards is luxury fabrics that feel comfortable to wear and provide texture to a look, this stops it all from looking too flat. Another way to interpret the look would be to tap into the sports luxe trend – look for pieces that have sporty shapes but have been reimagined in luxury fabrics such as cashmere, mohair and silk. Going for technical fabrics such as mesh juxtaposed with something classic will make your style looks advanced and effortlessly cool.

When wearing one colour it is extremely important to think about texture; wearing all the same shade in all the same fabric will result in you looking less spring/summer 16 and more backstreet boy circa 1998, not the look we’re trying to achieve here. Mohair looks great in shades of off white and pale denim adds a summer vibe to the look but when at looking at more structured pieces that lean towards suiting, ensure you keep the cuts modern and tailored rather than baggy, this will ensure things look more modern and less dated.

The last thing to think about is accessories – for my version of the look I opted for tan leather accessories with Gucci loafers, a plaited Mulberry belt and a Sac De Jour by Saint Laurent to keep the look classic and structured. I added a subtle splash of colour with my aubergine Alexander McQueen skull scarf peeking out. For your version of the look you could choose black accessories for a monochrome take or for a more summery version – white converse and the pale Sac De Jour would add a more fun edge.

If in doubt, choose plain clothes in nice fabrics – it’s that simple; and for the summer months go for tailored cotton shorts and a linen shirt loosely tucked in for a more relaxed take on the look.

The New Whites The New Whites The New Whites The New WhitesThe New Whites The New Whites The New Whites


Distinctively White

Kapital Katmandu Cotton & Linen Shirt, Acne Studios Ace Slim-fit Jeans, Ami Denim Jacket, Converse Jack Purcell Signature Canvas Sneakers, Cormier Camel Double-Breasted Overcoat, Reiss Forge Brushed Cotton Sweatshirt, Berluti Andy Suede Loafers, Saint Laurent Chest Pocket Silk-Jersey T-Shirt, Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Nano Cross Body Bag


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