Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin SavioursHaving a reliable skin care routine year round is as rare as an empty Saturday in Selfridges, which pretty much means it’s not a thing. However it gets to this time of year and your skin begins to starve for moisture, the light gel that you used throughout the winter is about as useful as the frosty air and your skin desires nothing than to be bathed in rich (and expensive) creams 24 hours a day, hardly ideal.

In my last post I wrote about the different ways you can help your skin, whether that being your change in products or simply using warm water for your face rather than scolding hot; little things that can make a big difference for your winter skin. Moving forward I’m going to look at some of my winter skin saviours – products that work for me and help to retain my skins moisture through the harshest conditions.

When looking at the face, the main focus (for anyone with good manners) is the eyes – the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on the face meaning it needs extra care when it comes to your beauty routine; something thick and rich in moisture will keep the skin around your eyes looking bright. This gel treatment from Creme De La Mer which includes their ‘miracle broth’ (natural ingredients including sea kelp, which are infused with light and sound to intensify activity until they become potent and…amazing). The gel is cooling on the delicate skin and makes your eyes look luminous and bright; it’s especially great for those early mornings to wake up your eyes and make you look fresh.

Winter Skin Saviours

Next up for the eyes is the eye balm intense also from Creme De La Mer (what can I say, they’re geniuses when it comes to skincare). This thick and intense cream contains three different types of the miracle broth, making your skin more smooth and reducing any of that unwanted morning puffiness! Not only will this one make the skin around your peepers look fresh and renewed but it will make wrinkles seem reduced and skin appear firmer – use this one day and night before any other moisturisers and massage into the eye area. This eye cream also sits particularly well under makeup meaning it’s great after those late nights when concealer alone just won’t cut it.

Winter Skin Saviours

Advanced night repair from Estee Lauder is known for being one of the best products around for renewing skin all year round – use it all over the face and neck by warming drops between the fingers and gently massaging it onto the skin on an evening, allowing it to sink deep into your pores and help reduce the key signs of ageing. It feeds your skin with antioxidants and leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh. This one is great to provide your skin with the tools it needs to function properly.

Winter Skin Saviours

The original miracle skin product, the moisturising cream from Creme De La Mer is basically what skin dreams are made of – the formula is rich and nourishing to the skin, making it firmer and making pores and wrinkles less visible with prolonged use. This one is especially great for dry skin  as it won’t sit on top of the skin; by warming it in-between your fingers it becomes one with the skin for an amazing feeling to your complexion. Most people tend to think that you slather this product on and it will do the job however it’s the unique application that makes the formula great. Watch the video from Creme De La Mer to find out more.Winter Skin Saviours

Lastly on the skincare hero list is the Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream – this gel is rich in plant extracts and vitamins, helping it maintain the skins hydration and elasticity, fight against dark circles (which lets be honest, when you get up 6am at the latest is needed) and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…yes please.

As I mention in a lot of my posts, when looking at purchasing a new product, especially a beauty product, it really helps to talk to the sales assistant behind the counter and ask what they recommend for your skin; they will ask about what you’re using at the moment and what you’re looking to get from your skin products so you get something that works best for you and your routine. Creme De La Mer provide appointments where you can sit down (with champagne) and talk to one of their experts about your skin and what you want to get from your routine, including how long you spend on your face every morning or evening. You may come out of the store short of half a mortgage down payment but my god your skin will look beautiful.




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