Shopping on Octer

OcterWith the January sales literally around the corner, it’s that time when we’re going to be blinded by every sale, discount and 50% off that every store has to offer, making filtering through the good stuff, not so easy! That’s why this recent discovery has come just at the right time – introducing, Octer.

Octer is basically a shopping app for your iPhone (or android, or desktop  if you visit where you can browse  8000 brands, from 200 stores, all in one place – which is not only really handy all of the time anyway but especially when it gets to the sale season and you can browse all the sales right next to each other, click ‘compare’ and you can browse price and style from all the different stores.

The great thing about using it now is that you can save your favourite items and come back to them later – which means that day when you think you want a leopard print bomber jacket that you might decide against it (hopefully) when you come back in a few days  but it also means you never lose track of what your looking at – I use it to create my wish lists for what I’m loving right now (and then I usually buy all of it, shh, don’t tell anyone).

Last but not least, everything on there is new – from the luxury bands  right down to the high street (Mr Porter helloooo!) which means it basically filters out any of last seasons pieces so you’re always up to date, perfect for fast fashion on the go!

You can Download it here and you don’t need that bomber jacket!!


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