Gents Bag Essentials

When packing my bag for a long day, I need to carry everything from sunrise to sunset – I am not about travelling light. My bag is purely about practicality, starting with the bag itself. My bag of choice for a long day is my Mulberry ‘Ted’ messenger bag, which triples as a briefcase, backpack and cross-body messenger bag, allowing me to throw it on my back when I’m running from place to place!

I always carry my Mulberry Filo-Fax and a separate notepad to organise my life, because if I don’t write something down, I will literally forget it within an hour, I have the worst memory in the world.

A fragrance is always an essential in my bag to freshen up throughout the day – this Tom Ford one is my favourite thing in the world at the moment so I just love to spray it throughout the day. Last but not least, a pair of sunglasses; even when you live in rainy London, the weather changes so often you have to prepared (I always carry an umbrella too), especially after a long night, so these ones also from Tom Ford, are a neutral black so go with everything.

Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish – when looking for your own accessories, look for interesting fabrics and prints, that when revealed, add that little unexpected wink to your plain outfit.




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