Time For Bed


With temperatures on the decline and darkness getting earlier and earlier in the day – it’s that time of year when all I want to do is curl up in bed and have a good nights rest.

The virtues of a good nights sleep are well know for many reasons, your skin, your memory and just your general wellbeing – and with my own sleep patterns becoming more and more interrupted, I decided to share with you some ways to help you have a more peaceful nights sleep. 

The first and probably one of the most important techniques for a greater nights rest is to have a routine! If you do only one thing to try and improve your sleep, this should definitely be it – a regular nights sleep keeps your body clock in a routine, so being exposed to light and darkness at the same periods will ensure you sleep like a new born baby!

Exercise! Regular exercise, especially cardio will help you to have a longer and more peaceful nights sleep, however you shouldn’t exercise too close to your bedtime, as your body only becomes tired a few hours after exercise, during the period in which it cools down.


Settle down. That might sound strange, but give yourself a period of time before bed to calm down, organise things for the next day and simply chill out. A good idea is to read a book with some dim lighting to allow you to wind down at the end of a long day.

This last one sounds rather obvious – sleep in darkness. Try to eliminate as many light sources as possible for a more seamless nights rest – either with the use of black out curtains or night mask!

If none of that helps – just wear cute pyjamas, because dressing well if a full time job!


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