The Gentleman’s Essential – The Fedora


Now that we’re creeping into the winter months, one issue that always comes to mind is my winter style. Sometimes I’m in the mood for streamlined monochromatic pieces and others I’m looking for colour, texture and vibrancy – however the one thing that always remains is the need for a good accessory. I find that the colder months are the perfect time to mix up your style and allow your personality to shine, through the way you wear accessories. 

I know when I say accessories, you’re thinking, scarves, gloves, jewellery, but the one thing people always seem to neglect, is the hat. The hats decline in popular culture can be put down to the icons that just made it seem a bit, well…I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about that – but this subtle accessory has the power to take an outfit from casual to formal and really up your style credentials.

So why are we so scared of the humble hat? The simple explanation is that a hat changes the shape of your face, and that itself is going to take some getting used to. The first way to ween yourself into this radical new accessory is to go to a shop and just try – all shapes, sizes and colours and see what really suits you; I originally pictured a camel coloured fedora however upon trying it on realised it completely washed me out. The next thing to do is speak to the sales assistant; if you visit a store that specialises in hats such as Christy’s they can instruct you on everything from colour to fabric to occasion and as they so delightfully put it ‘hati-quette’.

My favourite style of head wear to sport this season is the Fedora. Classic felt and wool fedoras can be worn all year round and look great with anything from a tweed suit, to skinny jeans and chelsea boots. I like to wear mine with sleek black denim and minimal cuts to let it be the stand out accessory. I chose a couple of hats that are available to buy at the moment that are great to add that little something extra to your outfit this fall –


These hats, all from a selection at Mr Porter are a great example of how different hats can change your style. The navy fedora zip detail fedora, would look great with muted navy and black and a great wool overcoat and the camel version from Loro Piana, would work equally as well in summer with off whites in summer as it would with navy breton stripes in the winter.


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