My Winter Fragrance – Tom Ford


As the temperature slowly declines and you begin to hibernate into a plush combination of cashmere roll necks and fur lined coats; your style changes from linens and loafers to tweed and chelsea boots, theres one extra thing to consider – what’s the perfect fragrance to accompany that new Tom Ford knit on a chilly winters day?

Maybe you’re thinking Mediterranean hesperidic notes, warm woody tones or a zesty fragrance with a hint of basil that transports you from here to somewhere just a little bit warmer – here is my fragrance for this fall and why you need a scent that’s going to define your winter style and perfectly pull together that heavy knit and silk scarf.

One of my favourite fragrances for this season is Tom For for men – warm tones coupled with lemon leaf oil and Italian bergamot and a fresh hit of mandarin zest, violet and ginger, it’s a great scent for a modern man that loves a twist on the classic. It stays with you all day and it smells even better when you’re at the bar with a Gin and Tonic.



What makes your signature scent? I always think that scents should change with the season – in summer go for a lighter fragrance, something with fresh undertones; and in winter go for something heavier with a muskier scent. However the most important thing is that you should choose a fragrance that suits you – a scent should become a signature because its something that you love to wear and something that matches your personality – just go easy on how heavily you dose yourself with said fragrance; leave them wanting more, don’t make them choke on your overpowering odour.



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