Whether you’re planning a short getaway or a nice long summer vacation, there are always certain things that you should pack, essentials if you will.

These things will elevate your outfits and add that extra bit of magic for your summer escape.

The Panama Hate – A hand woven Panama is the one of the main essentials for any any chic getaway. Wear it with anything from preppy shorts to swim shorts and it will elevate your outfit every time. Goodbye baseball cap, hello Panama.

 This one is a no brainer (or at least I hope so) but good frames can last you for years. I always take a selection with me, because being the control freak I am, I usually plan to wear them with different outfits.
 Now I know it might not seem like this is a day to night wear everywhere bag when you’re on holiday, but a stylish tote like this one will carry you right through the day and make sure your outfits don’t look sloppy. There light colour lends itself to the holiday mood.

A great clutch is another holiday essential and depending on how much you take around the pool with you (a credit card and lip balm or a suitcase filled with outfit changes) is a great way to add a formal edge to your holiday look. This one in buttery soft leather from Jimmy Choo is a great getaway purse.


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