I have recently become obsessed with juicing. Juicing everything.
I’m terrible at eating healthily and as much as I love food with health benefits, I sometimes find it hard work to cram all the things I need into my body. Enter juicing, where I can throw everything I want, in at once, and make a delicious, filling drink with all the health benefits I so desperately need.

 This smoothie is great for a morning, for a refreshing start to the day and with porridge oats it’s a fantastic idea for a filling breakfast.

Ingredients –
500g of frozen berries (I use frozen berries because it’s much more convenient and also a lot cheaper)
400g pot of low-fat blackberry yoghurt
2 teaspoons of honey (more to sweeten)
25g of porridge oats
Extra blackberries to garnish
How to –
Blend the yoghurt, berries and honey together until smooth (have a quick taste to ensure it’s not too bitter, if so, add more honey), stir through the porridge oats and pour into glasses to serve. Garnish with berry swizzle sticks or just drop a few in!




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