This month is all about you. For my top picks this season, I chose things that will simply make your life better. I’m thinking sitting out on warm summers nights, reading books, candles lit, good music playing and wearing Saint Laurent sandals, obviously (I’m construction a fantasy if you couldn’t already tell). So indulge in the things that you don’t treat yourself to enough and do it all from the comfort of your own sun room.

SAINT LAURENT LEATHER SANDALS – These leather sandals are your go-to for dressed up and at the same time casual minimalism this summer. Great with smart trousers on an evening and just as great with dungarees and a t-shirt. They go with everything, trust me.
CZECH & SPEAKE LEATHER BOUND MANICURE SET – Because if you’re going to buy the sandals I just recommended, (which is probably the best idea) then you’re going to want some manicured toes to go with them. Short, clean nails.
BYREDO MISTER MARVELOUS EAU DE COLOGNE – NEROLI, GREEN LAVENDER – This company specialise in unusual fragrances so this one is a hit for a fresh new summer fragrance.
SMYTHSTON SOHO CROSS GRAIN LEATHER NOTEBOOK – Take notes, be inspired and do it all in leather bound elegance.
CIRE TRUDON TRIANON WHITE FLOWERS SCENTED CANDLE – I love nothing more than a fresh scent and the glassware of this candle is just as beautiful as the scent it contains.
PHAETON EATING WITH THE CHEFS HARDCOVER BOOK – This book is great because it has really easy to follow recipes which are ideal for the summer seasons when you need to whip something up on a hot evening.
All products available at Mr Porter.

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