Now I know I constantly moan about how eternally chic head to toe black is.. and though it is, the same can’t also be said for the opposite – head to toe white.
Now head to toe white can go two ways, the one way we all hope it goes, eternally chic..or it can spiral in the other direction, 90’s boyband reject. Here is how I tried to style the all white trend and hopefully I steered it in the right direction.

One thing to think about when wearing an all white ensemble is fabrics. Quality and texture on a fabric can really alter the look of the outfit as a whole and quality is one thing that really stands out when wearing all one hue. The next thing to think about is fit. When everything is one colour and you’re not being distracted by print, the fit of the garment can really stand out for both the right and the wrong reasons, so if something looks ill fitting from the start, either abandon the idea or have it tailored.

Accessories are also something that can really stand out when trying to sport an outfit like this. I chose to style mine with simple rose gold bangles, a pair of simple brown leather gladiator sandals and a pair of stand out mirrored aviators.
White Shirt – Saint Laurent, White Cotton Shorts – Ralph Lauren, Gladiator Sandals – All Saints, Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Rose Gold Bangles – Whistles.




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