Whether it’s travelling by car, by sea, or by plane, there is always the issue of what one should wear. Recently I feel as though the art of stylish travel has been lost, and the days of looking as stylish as your mountain of Louis Vuitton trunks have disappeared. There’s then the issue or whether you should be comfortable, smart, casual and whether its long haul, hot or cold when you arrive and the list goes on..

Wherever I travel I tend to wear different versions of the same sensible yet stylish outfit –
NO HOODIES ALLOWED – On my top half I always choose either go for a thin cashmere jumper in a dark colour such as navy or black (dark because there was once an issue with turbulence, a white shirt and a glass of rose that left me looking like a messy alcoholic). Another outfit choice is a smart plain t-shirt with a casual blazer over the top – this way you can look good on arrival and take the blazer off during the flight and be comfortable.
JOGGING BOTTOMS? NO! – On my bottom half I run straight towards my go to black skinny jeans. They go with everything, they’re comfortable, (for me at least) and should anything be spilt mid flight then there is no worry it showing up. Jogging bottoms or sweat pants should never be allowed on flights, just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean instantly morphing from man to slob, so just, no. If you’re travelling in the summer however, a smart pair of tailored trousers of shorts can look equally as chic.
SHOES? WHICH ONES? – There’s always the fact that you might have to take them off at security and you don’t want to be that person holding up Heathrow because you decided to sport some new lace up oxfords. If I’m travelling to or from somewhere where it could be chilly, I usually go for a pair of chelsea boots that are both comfortable and smart. If you’re travelling in summer then loafers and smart espadrilles can also work very well and can be slipped of during the flight.
SMART LUGGAGE ONLY – There’s no point in getting this far to ruin the look with some horrendous bag you’ve been using for the gym for the previous 20 years. A smart leather holdall will house everything you need for the flight and keep you looking perfectly put together.
DO I WEAR ACCESSORIES? – The answer is yes, but we’re not going for Russell Brand, we’re going for simple and understated. I usually choose a simple black or brown leather belt for both practical and style purposes; a classic leather strapped watch that I can check continuously throughout the flight and then the few rings that I never take off. Any more than this and everyone behind you will hate you, for good reason. I always, always, always carry a scarf or some form of blanket that I can throw around my neck and use for both style, comfort and warmth purposes during the flight!
Whatever the situation, consider your start and end location, the weather and then analyse it all in a mirror and think about how comfortable you might be. Just make sure you don’t look like you’re going to the gym, if so, change and reevaluate.
Navy Cashmere Jumper – Reiss, Black Skinny Jeans – Topman, Monogrammed Scarf – Louis Vuitton, Grey Tote Bag – Prada, Printed Leather Passport Holder – Mulberry, Diamond Ring – Custom Made, Glasses – Dolce & Gabbana




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