We all know that I live in black jeans. Summer, winter, hot or cold, with the exception of a few outings in white jeans, I am constantly in black skinny jeans. Not that I don’t want to try other styles of jeans however when I do such a thing, I just don’t seem to look like myself. Blue jeans always make me look fat and uncomfortable despite trying hundreds of different shades and styles.
Enter, the grey jean.

I actually received these as a gift for Christmas and was sceptical about them as soon as they were pulled out of the gift wrapping however they are kind of my new obsession. They’re not as skinny as my black jeans however they’re still a slim fit so look great with my brown Chelsea Boots. For this look I paired them with tan accessories (I never get to wear these boots) and a simple blue shirt rolled up at the arms. I then threw my trusty pea coat over my shoulders and a scarf to add some print to the look.

Overall I love the more relaxed look that they give me, not so formal but not so relaxed that I look like I rolled out of bed! I’ll definitely be sporting these all the way through summer!
Grey Jeans – Reiss, Pale Blue Shirt – Hugo Boss, Brown Chelsea Boots – Russell & Bromley, Tan Plaited Belt – Mulberry, Olive Pea Coat – Reiss, Skull Printed Scarf – Alexander McQueen, Black Leather Holdall – Mulberry



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