One of the great things about running, is that it’s a sport you can do anywhere. Whether you’re on holiday and you’re sprinting down the beach or you’re in the city and running through the back streets of London, there is always an opportunity to run, no gym membership needed.
I use running as an opportunity to plug in my head phones, listen to music and block out the outside world. A time when I am just focusing on the sport and nothing else and it is really something that helps me clear my mind.

As with every occasion, even when I’m exercising, I like to consider what I’m going to be wearing. With the inclement weather at the moment, it is essential that you are prepared for being in the outdoors.
When running, I always go for shorts and layers that can be removed easily if I get too hot, which I always do. If, like me, you get rather overheated at even the thought of exercise then things that can be taken off easily will ensure that you’re not overheating whilst on your run. I always like to wear shorts because of the freedom it gives my legs. It may feel cold in the first 5 minutes but if after 15 minutes you’re still cold, you’re not running fast enough!
One thing that is essential when running whether you choose to wear hundreds of layers of just a layer of lycra, is that you choose the right footwear! Going running in shoes that weren’t designed for it really not advised, so invest in a good pair of running shoes, that is what they were designed for after all.
T-Shirt – Topman, Hooded Sweatshirt – H&M, Shorts – Ralph Lauren, Running Trainers – Nike, Diamond Bracelet – Custom.



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