I’ve always thought it to be really intriguing to see where people work. Whether it’s an office at work or a desk from the comfort of your own home, the way people work affects what they do, how productive they are and really gives an insight into who you are.
That’s why I thought I’d give you a quick look at my desk where I sometimes work from. I say sometimes because I’m so busy that I’m constantly having to work on the go with just a laptop on my knee however when I do get the luxury to be at home, this is my space.

The desk where I work at from home consists of a small table in front of a sash window, looking out onto the street below (very Carrie Bradshaw). I have the chair which I sit at to write and then an armchair which I switch between because I physically can’t sit in the same space for too long – I’d go insane!
I then have a stack of various coffee table books which I occasionally look at for inspiration, a clock because I literally have no sense of time and a reed diffuser because I’m obsessed with scent. To finish off we have a notebook and a laptop because I’d have no blog without!
However you cannot forget a cup of tea, probably the one thing that is always constant in my life is some form of hot drink! At the moment it’s Hot Chocolate!




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