I don’t know about you but when I get the chance to escape London for the weekend, I savour every moment of it. So when the opportunity arose to take a few days away in Yorkshire a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance. So a quick phone call to Uptown Style and way too much luggage later we were on out way to the country. (On a serious note, two fashion bloggers on a trip together, results in so much luggage it is unreal).

I do love London however it can get rather overwhelming so a weekend away is always a refreshing chance to breathe a different type of air. After spending the days relaxing by a log fire, we took a stroll out in the grounds of a country mansion and here are a few shots of how my style adjusts when I’m not in the city.

This is how Walton and Wang does country.
After buying Hunter wellies last year and never having chance to wear them (when are there that many opportunities for wellingtons in London, really?), I finally got to style them into a look. I  chose to pair them with my black stretch-skinny jeans, a classic white shirt ands then I layered up for the cold with a chunky knit and Olive green pea coat.
I like to remain true to my style when I travel but take something from the location as inspiration. So using the autumn as my influence I chose hues of green and beige for my country look; opting for classic pieces and warm pieces; essential for the frosty weather.
Shirt – Paul Costello, Cardigan – Reiss, Coat – Reiss, Jeans – Topman, Socks and Wellington
boots – Hunter



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