It’s not just the clothes that make the man. Coco Chanel once said that if a woman didn’t wear perfume then she had no future, so the same should be said for a man, just with aftershave.
Lately I am obsessed with scent. A certain scent can evoke a memory or just make you feel good in yourself, so recently I’ve been purchasing scents for myself and the home and these help to form my winter beauty picks.

Having not tried many Jo Malone products in the past, minus a candle or two I visited the store not too long ago and picked up some room scents, as I love that instant burst of freshness in a room. I opted for Lime Basil and Mandarin and Red Roses. I like a scent that is noticeable but light; something that smells of freshness and clean and I literally cannot stop spraying these.
I also purchased the Pomegranate Noir Body Creme which is amazing for my skin, which gets dry in the winter. It has a subtle scent but nothing too overpowering so theres no need to worry about it clashing with aftershave.
Another one of my favourite brands this month is Clinique. I have been using their Anti Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel for at least 4 years now and they’ve just introduced a larger bottle for only a few pounds, which is great because it lasts so long. It contains salicylic acid so is great for drying out any unsightly blemishes and evening out redness in the skin.
Also from Clinique is their cleanser which is amazing at getting all the dirt out of your skin even after shower. Amazing to unblock the pores and make your skin feel really clean. It’s best to go to your local Clinique counter as they specialise in different products for different skin types, allowing them to cater for you specifically.
My final favourite is a candle I received as a gift; Linea Wild Fig & Vanilla. It’s perfect for this time of year and makes the room smell amazing without being over powering.



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