It is universally acknowledged that my style is not casual. I would love to be able to pull off a look that was a little more relaxed however when I try and sport said outfit, I end up looking awkward and rather uncomfortable. Give me an overcoat and a tasselled loafer any day but throw me into something a little more slouchy and the result is not so refined.

As we all know, summer has left us, so when I was meeting a friend for a cappuccino and catch up recently I thought I’d try and style my new scarf and boots in a more casual and try being a bit more…comfortable.
Due to my search for pale skinny winter jeans taking longer than expected (starting to think that the perfect pair do not exist) I paired my trusty black skinny jeans with an oversized aubergine polo shirt and an easy (and slouchy) beige sweatshirt.
I then draped my new Louis Vuitton scarf over my shoulders to keep off the chill and the creamy taupe colour worked perfectly with the autumnal colours for my casual comfort look.
Jumper – Ted Baker, Polo-Shirt – Hugo Boss, Scarf – Louis Vuitton, Jeans – Topman, Boots – Russell and Bromley, Watch – Tag Heuer, Bracelet – Tiffany & Co, Diamond Ring – 77 Diamonds



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