Happy New Year!
Now that the New Year is upon us and it’s that time that everyone (including you) is thinking about what sort of person they want to be in 2015 – well the answer to that question is right here, in my picks for January. This year is all about choosing the classics and having the very best of the basics. You want to educate yourself culturally, you want to travel in the epitome of style and when you’re at home, you wrap up in cashmere, because that’s what this year is all about – luxury. You deserve it.

Clockwise from top left –

ARMAND DIRADOURIAN CASHMERE BLANKET – If you’re channeling Burberry take it off your sofa and throw it over your shoulders. If not, wrap up on the sofa and enjoy the luxury of being enshrouded in cashmere.
TOM DIXON ORIENTALIST SCENTED CANDLE – You need scent in your life, it can become your signature.
JEFF KOONS: CONVERSATIONS WITH NORMAN ROSENTHAL – Reading is the thing to take up in 2015. You’re reading my blog so you’re obviously doing something right – throw yourself into books in your spare time, starting with Koons.
PANKHURT LONDON SHAVING SET – It’s time to re-evaluate your skincare patterns starting with your shaving routine. Extend this to your moisturisers and skin creams and next new year you might look a little bit fresher.
CANALI UNSTRUCTURED WOOL AND COTTON BLAZER – It’s the item to wear on your travels. It’s deconstructed so you don’t look like you stepped from the boardroom but smart enough that it can be thrown over your t-shirt to smarten it up.
GLOBE-TROTTER 21″ CARRY-ON CASE – Wear this with the above item when on your travels – It’s the new classic –  Book that flight to Monaco, NOW.

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