There is always the big question of what one should wear to break in the New Year.
Christmas is a time when you can play up your look with pattern, colours and texture however I think on this evening it’s a chance to refine your look and go back to the classics. Formal is always a safe option for the one night of the year where everyone is in celebration – for my look I chose to stick to Navy and Black, classic colours but not as boring as just a plain black outfit.

Instead of wearing fabrics that read as flat on camera, look for something with some sheen or a subtle texture that will pop when the flash bulbs hit. To elevate the look with accessories you could play around with different coloured pocket squares, or lapel pins from stores such as Lanvin.

The other thing to think about at New Year, if you’re going to be outside watching fireworks, is that you don’t want to freeze to death, because that’s just not chic. A sleek over coat with a fur collar will keep you wrapped up whilst you call in the New Year with bubbles!
Shirt – Hugo Boss, Jacket – Reiss, Black Trousers – Reiss, Velvet Slipper – Churchs, Coat with Fur Collar – Reiss.
As we close a chapter on 2014 and welcome in the New Year, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season wherever you are and however you’re celebrating.



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