“Zak I want to do something different for the Christmas table this year!”
Laying out the table for Christmas lunch every year is always something that I enjoy and both me and my mother love nothing more than a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings. Having had the table set up the same for the previous few years, she called me recently and asked how we could spruce things up. Here is some inspiration, on how to switch up your table decorations for various schemes and bring the sparkle back to your Christmas.

The first set up we have is for the minimalistic Christmas. The table top is a beautiful white marble and adorned with very simple, clean crockery. This scheme would complement a very modern home that doesn’t want the frills of a traditional Christmas scheme. All you need to recreate this scheme is items that are clean and sharp. The modern holiday.

The next scheme can be adapted to a number of different homes. The look shown is classic contemporary. Wedgwood china sits against pale blue in the form of multiple runners and simple rolled napkins. The only other accent needed are freshly cut white roses and a glass candelabra to add a glow to the afternoon festivities.

The next arrangement is focused on the centrepiece with very simple settings. Long branches of twigs intertwined with baubles, crackers and glassware allow the eye to be drawn directly to the middle of the table. The crockery should be left unobtrusive; votives and candlesticks can be added to create beautiful shadows on the table.

If you have crockery that is intricately patterned and you want to show that off then you can play down the rest of the table and allow that to become the centrepiece of the scheme. Adding simple cutlery and modern candles to a glass table top will allow the crockery to stand out and become the focal point of your arrangement.

Another idea – If you have a chandelier that hangs directly over the centre of your table then you can incorporate this into your  scheme by hanging simple glass baubles in different shapes and sizes from various heights from the fitting, to create a unique centrepiece. You can use clear fishing wire so they appear to float magically over the table or instead choose satin ribbons in complimentary colours to add a pop of colour to your scheme.


For the last of the schemes we have a setting that goes back to nature. This look incorporates fir branches and twigs intertwined with baubles, spanning the length of the oak table. The napkins are wrapped in hessian and a small sprig from the centrepiece to tie the scheme together. Hope these pictures gave you some fresh new ideas to spruce up your Christmas!



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