Trends come and go but there is something eternally timeless about a dinner jacket and a bow tie.

Now that the party season has well and truly arrived it’s time to fully embrace it right through to your evening wear. Evening attire doesn’t have to be dull. People usually resort to a shapeless suit, that is totally out of there comfort zone and completely shapeless but it’s time to step up the night time wardrobe! Now that you’ve hopefully mastered the other basics (revert back to ‘Luxury Loungewear’ if you haven’t yet sorted those things).

Fit is extremely important when it comes to evening attire. Simply grabbing the size you think you are off of the rack isn’t enough anymore. Once you’ve made your purchases take them to a good tailor so that he can assess the overall fit. This can take something from looking inexpensive to custom made if done correctly.
Then there is fabric. It doesn’t have to be dull and boring. You can mix it up with a velvet blazer, satin lapels or maybe a patterned fabric if you’re feeling extra adventurous. You can then step this up a notch by wearing a jacket and trousers in different colours or contrasting fabrics. For my look I chose a skinny black trouser with a grey dinner jacket with a hint of sheen. This look can be emulated with multiple colour, pattern and fabric combinations.
The last thing to consider is your accessories.
Try adding a pop of colour if you’ve chosen a monochromatic look. This can be done firstly with a bow tie that packs a punch. There are so many great ones that come in patterns, velvets, silks, knitted or even sequinned! Then think about your pocket square; I went for a of Fuchsia one to lift the look but when I wear my orange pocket square I usually team it with a matching sock for an extra burst of colour.
Shirt – Paul Costello, Jacket – Ted Baker – Trousers – Reiss, Slippers – Churchs, Pocket Square – Reiss, Bow Tie – H.E Mango, Ring – 77 Diamonds


The last thing to ensure is that you’re comfortable! Don’t go for a sequinned jacket and a tuxedo striped pant if you’re going to feel uncomfortable all night because you will look it! Just go for all black and have it tailored really well, classic.

Happy Holidays x

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