The Turtleneck is back.
 Personally I don’t think it ever went out of style however it has seen a revival as of late with models on the runway sporting the garment in every shade and fabric imaginable.
The one question is, how does one wear a Turtleneck?

There are many wears you can sport a Turtleneck; Firstly, alone, with a pair of jeans and chelsea boots, it can provide you with a comfortable and classic outfit for the winter months. When it comes to the colder seasons they are great for layering and look fantastic with a multitude of heavy knits, overcoats and scarves.
You can then approach the piece for evening. A simple cashmere Turtleneck with a suit jacket (it looks great with a velvet evening jacket but I won’t push you too far just yet) and a pair of slim fitted trousers makes for great alternate evening attire. For the confident gentleman.
The design comes in many different shapes and fabrics depending on where you shop. Try and experiment with chunky knits for layering and then slim the piece down with an investment cashmere version for the evening or those occasions when you’re feeling a little bit more dapper (and confident).
Here are a few of my favourite pieces that I spotted on



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