Now that you have (hopefully) mastered the art of getting dressed for the day it’s time to decide what to wear for bed?
I know most of you are probably thinking that it’s the last thing on your mind what you fall to sleep in but dressing well is a full time occupation and loungewear is the new daywear. So step it up.

  Clockwise from Top Left –
Emma Willis Lanella Cotton and Wool Blend Dressing Gown – A good dressing gown is an essential and you will find yourself living in it. Practicality is one of its main benefits as you can just throw it on when you have a visitor and look chic over breakfast.
Tom Dixon London Crocus and Brick Scented Candle – I am obsessed with candles. I have them all over my home and this one from Tom Dixon is smells as great as it looks. An essential for the modern man.
Doriana Cashmere Blanket – The blanket went from home to Burberry runway and has now returned back to the interior. However this one is so chic you could always throw it over your shoulders on a day out. If you’re feeling brave.
Derek Rose Striped Cotton Pyjama Set – Throw out the ripped jogging bottoms and the stained t-shirts and make way for stylish sleepwear. You’re a grown up now and these are the epitome of luxury, just refer to my last post!
Rizzoli, Hello My Name Is Paul Smith By Paul Smith Hardcover Book – An evening read and insight into a great mind and a stylish addition to the home, need I say more?
All Products from MrPorter.com



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