‘The airport is the last place a woman can meet an eligible man that can afford to travel’ – Derek Blasberg.
The art of stylish travel has been lost.
I do not understand what runs through peoples minds, when they are getting dressed to travel. You spend so long packing and perfecting outfits for the time you’re there but the airport is the beginning of the holiday (Mojitos included) so why not look at least presentable? I understand you want to be comfortable, but comfort doesn’t have to compromise style.

I approach travelling like any other day. I want to look presentable but perhaps a tad more comfortable than usual. So a warm jumper and some trousers that aren’t skin tight, so I have room to stretch, are my first port of call. Heres how I do stylish travel.

One of the key things every man needs when travelling is good luggage. Hand luggage should be an investment piece, something classic and timeless that will last you forever. That way even if you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt you’ll look put together because the accessories are right!

Another thing to consider is your destination. If it’s going to be blazing sunshine when you arrive, keep your sunglasses in your carry on. Will it be cold or warm? Hence the coat, you don’t want to be freezing when you step out onto the tarmac; shivering into passport control is not a good look.
I’m not saying you should wear a suit and you definitely don’t have to copy what I’m wearing because this is basically how I dress on a daily basis but maybe just step it up a notch. Now is not the time to display old loungewear and Ugg boots.
Jumper – Reiss, Trousers – Reiss, Belt – Ted Baker, Shoes – Paul Smith, Coat – Reiss, Sunglasses – Ray Ban



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