Mens make up.
Where do I even start?
I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis apart from maybe a touch of colour in with my moisturiser or some concealer to hide the late night previous, however If I’m heading to an event or on a night out where I know I’ll be getting photographed then I’ll step it up a little as the camera does not lie (hello pores). The key to mens cosmetics is finding the right product that works for you so that you look natural and fresh; the best version of yourself, rather than a drag queen after a bad night.

 Therefore I’ve decided to share what cosmetics I own and how I use them when getting ready! The best thing to do when choosing these products for yourself is to know what you have in mind about what you want to achieve and see a specialist at a beauty counter, otherwise you might end up with a face a completely different colour to your body. Not a good look.
The key thing every man should have whether you want to wear makeup or not is a good moisturiser! It’s the base for any face and is key for daily use, it softens, smoothes and conditions the skin to provide you with a natural glow, so much so that you might not even need any cover up. I am currently using a Biotherm one that is a really good all round product! However I do tend to change my moisturiser around every six months so that my skin doesn’t become too reliant on one product.
The other product we have above is Fake Bake Faux Glow which is a self tanning product. What I tend to do with this is apply any cosmetics that I feel necessary beforehand and then spray a light mist of this over my face for a flawless complexion, great for when the flash hits so I don’t look like Casper. Just make sure to be careful of clothing as this product does rub off!
The one thing men have to be careful of is looking overdone. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a man that looks caked in makeup.
The product I would begin with is Smashbox Primer. This can be worn alone or under makeup and evens out the surface of the face so that any products on top sit smoothly on the skin. This one from Smashbox is great also as it contains SPF!
The next product I would use (which is actually not pictured as I forgot it on the day of shooting) is MAC Face and Body Foundation. Don’t get scared when I say the word foundation as this one is like no other, It’s very light and only provides a small amount of coverage depending on application. More like a tint than a heavy cover up. For this product I apply just with my hands as it allows for a lighter application and the heat from your fingers warms the makeup and makes for a smoother application.
The last step in terms of a base, is a concealer, I use Select Cover Up from MAC. This can be worn alone on select areas such as under the eyes or problem spots or on top of the foundation for a smoother look. Again, I apply this product with my fingers to allow them to warm it slightly and then just gently pat it into my face until it has blended seamlessly with either my natural skin of the products previously applied.
This next product is my actual saviour in life. The MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Powder. My skin gets oilier throughout the day so I usually carry this product with me. I apply it over my base beforehand (although it can be used on bare skin) and then it can be reapplied sparingly during the day. It helps to reduce the skin and minimise the look of pores and I would recommend it to everyone.

These last steps are purely optional as all of the skin prep is pretty much done. Once I’ve finished with my skin I usually brush through my eyebrows (brush up and out) firstly to remove any excess product that may have got stuck in them and secondly to keep them neat and allow them to frame my face. This step might not be as important to all but my eyebrows are pretty wild so I need something to keep them where they should be! I then apply a clear brow gel that helps to make my eyebrows thicker and keep them in place all day so I don’t end the day looking like wolverine!

ll of that stuff is then packaged up in a perfect little Black Printed Leather Mulberry Wash Bag. Manly.


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