It has officially reached that time of year when it is freezing.
Absolutely freezing. That cold, that when any bare skin leaves the shell of my coat I want to run back to my bed and dive beneath the sheets. The type of cold that could make anyone a recluse! That’s why one simply needs a floor length navy coat with a fur collar. It’s really the only way to keep warm. Either that or to just simply hibernate.

I bought this coat last year from Reiss and it is now the time when the garment bag has to be stripped off and it can wrap me up and protect me from the cold.

A coat like this is an investment piece and if you choose a style that is classic when shopping for your own winter coat, then you can invest and have a piece for years, that will never date. I kept the outfit simple with just a button down shirt, so that I could show off the beauty of the coat.

One of my favourite things about this piece is that you can wear the collar both up and down and when its extra cold wrap the fur around your neck and nuzzle into the warmth. Perfect for those chilly evenings!
Coat – Reiss, Shirt – Reiss, Jeans – Topman, Boots, Russell and Bromley




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