How to – Style an Antique Tray.

Around a month ago when I was spending every bit of money I had on buying pretty new things for my new house, I was shopping on portobello road and found this gorgeous antique silver tray that I thought would be perfect for the new residence!
However when I got into my house I wanted to use it in every room and for every purpose, so this post is how to style the tray for different rooms and for different things! Most people think it would only be appropriate to serve food on or have breakfast but they’re actually incredibly versatile! Here’s the different looks I chose..

Look 1 – The first way to use the tray is for the traditional purpose, a breakfast/tea tray. It also gave me a chance to use the solid silver tea service I was gifted. Trust me, it makes breakfast time a whole lot more fun!
Look 2 – For this look we have a more manly approach to styling the tray, a drinks tray. Again this gave me a chance to use the crystal decanter I was gifted. It also looks very pretty sat on a sideboard in a dining room or lounge.


Looks 3 + 4 – For these last two looks I decided to style the tray with books in two different areas, a Lounge and a Bedroom. In the picture above I stacked the books and then placed a few little treasure on top for a layered effect. This would work just as easily as on a beside table or on a dressing table with different items. For the lounge, again, I stacked the books and tried to layer the look with souvenirs from past trips, always makes for a great talking point!




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