Home Install

Welcome to my new house!
So a few days ago I moved into a new house and I am so relieved that nearly everything is done! New house, new start, fantastic! I am really loving my new abode and I moved all my things in and I couldn’t be more happy at the moment! So here are a few little shots of how I arranged the many pretty things I seemed to have hoarded before I moved in!

(The throw is from Lombok. The middle cushion is from Selfridges home and the outer cushions were custom made).
Books (from Bottom) Lady Gaga coffee table book by Terry Richardson, Mary McDonald Interiors (from Million Dollar Decorators), One of the first issue of Hunger Magazine, Previous two months of Vogue, Richard Hamilton from the National Gallery.
Books (from Bottom) Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Collections, Alexander McQueen Genius of a Generation, Rachel Zoe Living in Style.
The gold bunny is Alessi and the candle is Calvin Klein.
Below is the tray that I picked up from an antiques store on Portobello Road. For the moment I decided to use it to house my fragrances and a few little decorative items but I might switch things up and maybe put books on it in the future or use it in a other room. The crystal decanter was given to me by my Nana and so beautiful that I just had to have it on show, even if it has no purpose in the room whatsoever!



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