Power Lines


I get really hung up on what to wear around this time because it is still technically summer however it seems less and less appropriate to wear shorts or summer jeans.For this look I chose some checked suit trousers and teamed it with my chelsea boots to avoid the look being too formal. I then sat the leather jacket over my shoulders so it’s still warm and layered but not too hot that i’ll pass out!

As Far as accessories go, it’s still sunny and I’m never one of these people that will say you can’t wear sunglasses in the winter because the sun is still out! So it totally makes sense! I then used one of my trusty Mulberrys in a really soft lamb skin to finish off the look. And that was the finished look and when the sun did actually decide to show itself it was just a matter of removing the jacket and rolling the sleeves of the jumper up!


Jumper – Reiss, Trousers – Reiss, Boots – Russell and Bromley, Belt – Mulberry, Bag – Mulberry, Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Watch – Michael Kors, Diamond ring – Custom, 77 Diamonds.


Photos courtesy of http://www.uptown-style.com



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