Summer in Stripes

Last week I met up with my friend Luoana and we took a little stroll around London, choosing not to take the tube and actually take in the city. It’s amazing how little of a place you actually see when you live there!
I’m always quite dressed up, my style being more formal than anything however I wanted for once, to just feel relatively comfortable on a day out. I chose to just wear my favourite little blue shorts and a really cute striped t-shirt that I got for Christmas. I then finished the look off with some beige monk strap shoes that I never get to wear (beige suede in rainy London is hardly ever an option) and my trusty old mirrored Ray Bans.

I have to say it was rather refreshing to not have to worry about being tucked in constantly and silly little things like that (I even did a handstand much to my friends surprise that I could do anything resembling exercise). Also, towards the end of the day I ended up buying my very first pair of classic Converse in white! So maybe this more casual approach will become more frequent in the future.
Shorts – Reiss, T-shirt – Ralph Lauren, Shoes – Reiss, Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Watch – Garrard



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