Cheating on fashion with furniture.


Today I took a trip to Portobello Road in Notting Hill to browse the antiques shops for some special little pieces for my new house which I move into in around three weeks! To sum up, I totally fell in love with everything, which is unfortunate because I have exactly zero money at the moment! I digress… I’m currently shopping for pieces for a house in Yorkshire also so I took some little snaps of a few things I was lusting after.

The photo above is from Jonathan Adler and I was just so in love with this lounge set up, it is so ridiculously sexy and I love the use of layering with the vases and larger objects on the coffee table!
These hand woven rugs also caught my eye, the use of colour in some of them is exquisite and I think they have the power to completely change the atmosphere of a room, make it feel travelled and luxurious.
Next we have this table, which I literally have no words for. The mother of pearl inlays are so fantastic and I can imagine it in an all white bedroom as an occasional table. With a cosmopolitan on top, obviously.


The picture above is terribly upsetting because I wanted to buy this painting so badly but unfortunately it was too expensive for the moment. It was unframed on a canvas and the colours are just so beautiful that it would look amazing in my new bedroom. *cries*




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